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Compton Lawn Care believes that you, as a customer, should know what chemicals we use while treating your lawn. Below is a list of chemicals and their uses as well as a link to the chemical makers web page or MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).


Chemical Name and Link to

chemical maker

Chemical Use
Strike Three Strike Three is used for control of most broadleaf weeds.
Trimec  992 Trimec 992 is used for control of most broadleaf weeds.
Solitaire Solitaire is used for control of Nutsedge weeds.
Stonewall 65wg Stonewall 65wg is used as a preemergent to help control weeds below the soil.
Lesco Prosecutor Pro Lesco Prosecutor Pro Round up is a complete broad spectrum industrial, turf and ornamental weed control.
Lesco Tracker Dye Lesco Tracker Dye is only needed to show coverage, there’s no chemical advantage to use of tracker dye